Rico Baby Fan


Rico Baby Fan

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Fan Width: 42"

No of Blades: 5

Blades Material: Acrylic (ABS)

Type of Control: Remote (IR)

Type of Motor: AC

Speed Available: 4 Speed

Reverse: No

Timer: Yes (1/3/6 hrs)

Motor: 100% Copper

Wattage: 85W

Voltage: 240V/50Hz

Light: No

About Rico

Today's RICO become part of the room's decor and save space.

Rico is recommend placed in email room to circulate air. Rico come with remote control allow you to change the speed and turn on and off from anywhere in the room. RICO is more than a cooling device. It can also more effectively distribute heat thought out your home. When warm air rises, cool air can become trapped near floor level.

RICO is suitable for dining, patio and small room.

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